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Gravity Assist: Deep Oceans in Deep Space, with Morgan Cable por NASA


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Gravity Assist: Deep Oceans in Deep Space, with Morgan Cable

Some of the most fascinating targets in the search for life in our solar system are moons of giant planets. Did you know If you had wings, you could fly on Titan, a moon of Saturn? Did you know that Europa, a moon of Jupiter, is thought to have more water than Earth under its icy shell? NASA is planning to send spacecraft to both of these places in the coming years to look for signs and ingredients of life. Another intriguing moon of Saturn is Enceladus, which is spouting a wall of water nearly 100 miles high. Morgan Cable, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, discusses these wondrous worlds, the exotic locations where she has done fieldwork, and the research she has done on the chemistry of life that could thrive on Titan.


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